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OOOD – ‘Saudade’ EP

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“Saudade” by OOOD and DJ Emok is the sound of a wistful longing for something indefinable, the subtle chord sequence drawing us onwards towards the fulfilling of an absence we cannot describe. We disappear into its flowing arpeggios and implied melodies as the groove carries us forwards. Perhaps the object of our longing can be found in the “Moon Forest”, a deeply grooved landscape where strange fragments of melody blossom like harmonic fruits bursting from the regolith branches of ancient trees, where alien voices recite powerful incantations that warp reality and bring into existence enticing treats to eat. We try one, it’s “Fresh Baked”, and as soon as the first tingles come on we know we’re in for a wild ride. Our feet begin to move compulsively. Next our hips do things they’ve never done before. Soon our faces start making shapes that shouldn’t be anatomically possible. It’s those alien voices again, they’re back and this time they mean business. Maybe we should have only eaten half?

Released November 28, 2022 on Iboga Records