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OOOD live is a unique experience every time, bringing 2, 3 or all 4 bandmembers on stage with in-the-moment live performances on keyboards, guitar, percussion and samples/FX (depending on the occasion) together with studio-solid playback. Every set is individually planned for each event, drawing from 30 years of back catalog to create a unique journey.

Whether it’s a multi-genre 3-hour performance encompassing everything from oldschool Goa to breakbeat to progressive to OOOD’s version of full-on psytrance, or a 1-hour set just of our latest bangers, we always give nothing but our best. It’s sometimes smooth and polished, sometimes raw and risky, but it’s the moments of risk that open the door to moments of magic so join the dancefloor and we’ll get out of our depth together!

OOOD live at Ozora Festival 2017, photo by Somogyi Gergely
OOOD live @ Ozora Festival 2017
Photo by Somogyi Gergely

To book OOOD to perform at your event, send us a message. Whether it’s an underground club night or a large festival, we can offer a setup that works for you. For bookings in Asia (excl. Japan) contact Oli Bookings.