Steve Callaghan (aka Steve OOOD) has been obsessed with music since the age of 0. He started picking up guitars around the age of 14. Two years later he was writing and performing as singer and guitarist in the punk/rock band Gandoon.

He went to his first acid house rave in Bristol in 1987 or 88 (he can't remember); the great vibe and the air full of sounds he had never heard before set the tone for all that was to come, inspiring him and Gandoon's drummer Kieran Timlin to hire out a recording studio and Steve wrote his first dance track, the acid house flavoured 'I Wanna Know Your Love' (Stargoat Records '88). Later, on hearing he had left school, the studio's owners got in touch and invited Steve to come and work there, during which time he also learned to DJ while moonlighting with their mobile disco.

After a year globe trotting, a College course in Music Tech and a deep imersion into the London underground dance scene of the early 90's (where Steve wrote/co-wrote a series of trippy dub tracks and honed his djing and gurning skills) Steve moved to Oxford, and in the summer of 1994 organised one of the first psy-trance parties to take place outside London. With the help of Rama and various other friends Datura turned out to be a great success, and was the first of many times that Steve was lucky enough to play alongside psy-heros Mark Allen, Chrisbo, Yazz and Lol (Pagan, Return To The Source, Otherworld etc). Steve met Colin that September, after a random meeting at his front door. The two were soon in Colin's home studio together, finishing off a track Colin had started. Within weeks they were joined by Nigel and his analogue electronics, and the first OOOD track 'Orang-U-Tang' was written. These days Steve is usually to be found slowly going bananas working on the latest OOOD track in one of the studios, but he still finds time to be an avid music collector across the spectrum of dance music and beyond, turning out fresh mixes on what sometimes seems like a weekly basis and rocking dancefloors across the world at any opportunity.