Ryo @ FreakPlanet - Mushroom Magazine tour, Hamburg 2011

Ryo DJing @ Tribe of Frog 10th Birthday Party, Bristol 2010

Ryokan Potier began his musical career with classical violin at the age of 5 but due to an unfortunate choice of friends, by the age of 12 he had started to listen to punk and metal. This culminated in him choosing the drums as his main instrument as it wasn't until he met Irish musicians that he realised one could “thrash out” on a fiddle. He has played in a rock band and an orchestra, but has not collaborated with Steps yet. It remains one of his unlikely, yet surely destined dreams. He learned his DJing skills in the mid 90’s and can often be found playing at free & paid parties and weddings in the UK and Europe, as well as at crazy full-moon parties in hot countries.

He officially plays the drums for OOOD, but contrary to all the terrible drummer jokes that are going around, he can keep it up even during the fast bits (that’s what she said), and has more musical talent and panache than Boyzone. He also writes music on his own but is not Phil Collins, a fact for which the rest of the band are in daily gratitude. He loves waves, raw fish, people with passion and hard Russian beverages, but hates straight lines.