Rama on stage with OOOD @ Nozstock Festival 2011Ramsay Melhuish (aka Rama OOOD)got switched on to the wonderful world of bleeps, beats and aural treats through listening to John Peel on Radio 1 in the 1980s. He was soon flirting with the dark and dirty world of early English thrash and hypnotic noise, with a brief stint as guitarist in a grunge band.  An avid collector of music from his early days, his dance music collection started in the late 80s, and his initial reluctance to embrace the CD revolution led to the amassing of a sizeable collection of vinyl, much of it now quite rare.

Finding himself in London via Haad Rin full-moon parties in Thailand at the beginning of the 90s, and fuelled by the vibrant traveller and squat party scenes he found in the city, he started buying any form of hard trance music he could get his hands on.  In 1992 he met Steve and discovered a shared love of playing music all night... and after buying some Technics 1210s that same year, he discovered a shared love of making folks stomp and wiggle all night at house and squat parties.  This culminated in helping Steve organise the first Datura party in Oxford in 1994, one of the very first UK psy-trance parties outside London and only the first of the many events in which he had a hand. It was at this seminal party that Rama played one of his first public DJ sets alongside future luminaries of early UK psytrance Mark Allen, Chrisbo, Lol and Yazz (and Steve, of course). Rama went on to be main organiser for two subsequent Datura parties at The Rocket venue in London.  When OOOD formed in October 1994 he became (and remains) a frequent visitor to the Stooodio.  Various forays to Eastern climes and numerous spectacular party locations over the subsequent years - armed with DAT players, mini-mixers and eventually CDs - meant for an immersion in the world of psychedelic music of all kinds. Rama DJing at Tribe of Frog NYE 2011-12

Rama co-wrote his first track with OOOD members in 1999 and performed with the band for the first time in 2001. His energy on stage belies the fact that he is in command of the playback aspect of the live set; with his love of quirky samples and deft touch with Kaoscillator and Monotron, this has freed the other band members to do what they do best.  The planning and smooth flowing of OOOD’s live sets is due in no small part to his skill with Ableton Live.

Rama is currently part of the team organising Bristol’s semi-regular Jellyfish events, and plays out regularly in both town and field.  An eclectic and versatile DJ, he is not a big believer in musical boundaries, and you can find a wide selection of his mixes online on his page, and on this site.