Recent Releases

V/A - InsideOut EP

A luscious collection of progressive tracks compiled by Wicki, on Furthur Progressions.

Includes OOOD - Tyger Tails


OOOD - Little Big Life EP

Three slices of Electro-House on Broken Records, including remixes by Olmec and Sugar The DJ.

OOOD :: Little Big Life :: out now by bRoKeN rEcOrdS, UK


V.A. - Tribalessence Triplag Music

V/A - Tribalessence


A deep down and dirty compilation of night-time psychedelia from Triplag Records, starting off with the atmospheric ambience of OOOD - The Little Sorceress. 

01. OOOD - The Little Sorceress
02. Somarobotics - Autana
03. RED - Trybka Mira
04. Invid Mind - Hidebehind
05. DigitalX - Still Hope
06. Oxidelic - White Wizards and Black Witches
07. Urban - Galactic Inc.
08. Satori - Part Time Fraggle
09. Sick Noise - Tralala
10. psyRen - SpaceMadness!
11. Select Project - AntiSubstance

Preview the tracks and buy it as a digital download here.
Buy it on CD from the Triplag shop here.
Also available from iTunes, Beatspace, CD Baby and other retailers.



OOOD - Oddball EP


A full-phat psybreaks and progressive techno EP on Broken Robot Records, including a remix by Hedflux.  This release reached #1 on the Trackitdown breaks chart.

BRR010 - Oddball by BrokenRobot



OOOD Albums



Two years in the studio and a new partnership with Phar Psyde Records brought forth Fourthought, OOOD's fourth album and Phar Psyde's fourth release. The fourth is strong in this one, and quotes from the reviews will describe it better than promo blurb ever can: "With Fourthought, the greatness of their best work seems to have infected the entire album."... "This album gets an 11/10 for its diversity, for its energy and most of all for its very good engineering and programming."... "In short, not one song here comes close to average. Fourthought is one of the best Psytrance albums of 2008."


Free Range

Over a year after it was first announced, and after 6 years of work, their third album Free Range was released on Organic Records in late 2006. Although aimed solidly at the dancefloor, this is more than a straight­ahead trance album (as the title suggests), and - with a fresh infusion of inspiration from the new members - sees once more a great improvement in production values alongside OOOD's trademark unique storytelling style and sense of humour. An indication of things to come, the title track was released to much acclaim on the Organic Records compilation 'Invasion from Hyperspace', and was sub-licensed to Jon '00' Fleming's 'White Label Republic' compilation.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space

Two years after their debut album came OOOD's second long player Breathing Space.  Ranging from full-on neuro bashing psychedelia to utter ambient via dub and chilled breaks, Breathing Space ventured beyond class A dancefloor mayhem to include the mellower side of OOOD's sonic headspace. Showcasing the dramatic effect a studio upgrade can have, the album marked a step-change in the quality of OOOD's productions and was released independently on OOOD Records distrubuted by MRL (aka. Kukomi). Now also a collector's item, copies of the CD have sold for silly money on eBay (although you can apparently still buy it in Tower Records in Tel Aviv)



The first OOOD album aLIVE was released on Cabbaged Records (UK) in 1997 and was probably the first ever live album released as a debut by a psy-trance act. A stunning exposition of the unique psychedelic sound of OOOD, the album was recorded live - and we mean LIVE - at parties across the UK including Pagan's fabled New Years Eve party, Science Fiction and Otherworld at the Fridge in London. Many years after its release this seminal album is still sought after by trance-heads across the world.



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