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The Stooodio mastering chain is a unique combination of high-quality digital and analog processes, developed and honed over a period of years since Colin's first commercial mastering in 2005.  The intention is to make sure every track that passes through the Stooodio’s monitoring system sounds as good as possible on any sound-system, no matter what its style. For dance music/EDM or rock/metal that usually means fat, punchy and crystal clear yet still dynamic; acoustic music such as jazz or orchestral music requires a much lighter touch. No matter its style, every track is individually treated with care, precision and an ear for perfection, and is rendered and listened to in real-time to ensure the greatest possible quality and consistency.  Colin works closely with his clients – sometimes from mix through mastering through to liasing with the pressing plant – to ensure their full satisfaction with the final product, and is sensitive to the individual requirements of the project.  Reviewing a recent album mastered at the Stooodio, the reviewer said, ”Mastering is perfection, I feel like Colin OOOD should master every single release ever.” 

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  • Hybrid analogue / digital mastering and mixing - all genres, all styles including dance | rock | hiphop | acoustic | electronic | vocal | instrumental etc.
  • Noise reduction, audio restoration and editing
  • CD assembly and master production to Red Book standard
  • Manufacturer liason
  • Video + sync editing/soundtrack sweetening

The Service

  • Professional, personal service from an engineer with over 25 years of technical audio and production/performing experience
  • Unlimited remasters (within reason!) - I'm not happy until you're happy
  • Dance/club mastering a speciality
  • Testimonials here


  • Richard Allan RA8M mk1 infinite-baffle monitors (BBC-spec)
  • Adam A7X active monitors
  • Crane Song 'Avocet' - discrete class A monitor controller + mastering-grade D/A converter
  • A/D/A by RME
  • Full acoustic treatment
  • 18 years of experience with these monitors - I am utterly familiar with the sound and response of my entire monitoring system

Mastering Chain

  • Custom mastering chain developed over 10 years (and counting) of intensive listening and process selection
  • Analogue compression - Focusrite Platinum Compounder
  • Unique mastering process gives:

    • loudness and dynamic density without overcompression
    • weight and punch without clipping or distortion
    • shine and presence without harshness
    • increase in clarity, detail and stereo width
    • warm, fat and tight bass without boominess or mud
  • Mix + master together gives outstanding definition and quality of final result
Release 2011 Label
Sephira - Imagination In Motion - artist album MerKaBa Records
Vic Triplag - Imaginarium - DJ mix Triplag
Various - Tribalessence - V/A album Triplag
Portamento - The Portal - artist album Cronomi Records
Various - Mind Rewind - 2xCD V/A album DAT Mafia Recordings
Indidginus - Sofa Surfer - artist album Indidgital
Zooch - Javanese Peacock - V/A album Arkona Creation
Various - Erta Alé - V/A album Cronomi Records
Silent Horror - Séance - artist album Devils Mind Records
Hedflux - Revolve / Rhythm Prism- artist EP (reached #1 on Beatport Breaks chart) Broken Robot Recordings
Release 2010 Label
Artha - Fluori Dolby - artist EP Cronomi Records
Disco Hooligans - Darjeeling Express - artist album Ektoplazm
Etnoscope - Way Over Deadline - artist album Ektoplazm, Panzar Produktionz
Radioactive Cake - The New Kind - artist album Arkona Creation
O.O.O.D. - Oddball - artist EP (reached #1 on the Trackitdown chart) Broken Robot Recordings
Various - Indigenous S.O.S. Benefit Project - 3xCD V/A album Random Records (9)
Cubic Spline - Unusual Path - artist EP Hadra Records
Psychowave - Dance 4 Mountains - artist album Trance Juice Records
Artha - Influencing Dreams - artist album Cronomi Records
Various - Poodle Scum - V/A album WONK#AY Records
Wizack Twizack - Space No More - artist album AntiShanti Records
Release 2009 Label
Disco Hooligans - Clear Skies - artist album Ektoplazm
Anakoluth - Beyond Reach - artist EP Cronomi Records
Various - People Walk Funny - V/A album Cronomi Records
Silent Horror - Patterns - artist EP Devils Mind Records
Various - Wasted Brigade - V/A album Devils Mind Records
Release 2008 Label
Various - Organic Circuitry - V/A album Ektoplazm
Various - IsraTrance Compilation - V/A album IsraTrance
Indidginus - Feast Or Famine - artist album microDot
DJ Maia - Earthbeatz - V/A album Native Harmonics Records
Various - Sea Of Vapours - V/A album Zenon Records
Various - Freshly Cut Tomato - V/A album Cronomi Records
Release 2007 Label
Nemesis - artist album Devils Mind Records

Mastering Testimonials

"Wow! Man, that has some serious warmth in the low end... I'm just looking at the waveform and I can't believe how dynamic it is, whilst still being really loud and fat!... I must say I have never heard such an improvement on my own masters... At the very least I'd like to ensure that all my tracks get mastered by you... Easily the best mastering job i've ever heard ♥"

Steve Young (aka Hedflux, Broken Robot Records artist)

"I'm VERY happy with the results! You have a way of tightening the low end with a very characteristic and organic way that never feels too harsh or forced. They end up with a overall silky feeling that is very addictive and warm. I think the listeners will be very happy too! Thanks again! :)"

Dan Flict (aka Escape Into)

"...amazing talents and ability..."

Tim Healey (Surfer Rosa Records)

"Mastering is perfection, I feel like Colin OOOD should master every single release ever. Just striking sound separation and dynamics..."

Penzoline reviewing Portamento - "The Portal" (Cronomi Records/Review here)

"PHAT!...  I dont think I know anyone who gets the bass as nice as you do... Thank you for everything, I will definitely go for your mastering again in the future." 

Upavas Hauf (independant artist)

"Highly recommended! Colin is detail-oriented and certainly knows his stuff." 

Alexander (aka Basilisk,

"I'm so glad to have mastered my remix album with Colin, I just love it, the best mastering I heard ever untill now. Thanks for such incredible work with my music."

Lupin (Spiral Trax album compiler and artist)

"...brilliant mastering."

Mushroom Magazine review of Cronomi Records: V/A - 'Erta Ale'

"Your master of our track Caught In The Zipper was great, how much would you charge to remaster all Slinky Wizard's back catalog?"

George Barker (Slinky Wizard/Flying Rhino Records)

"A very solid job... you still are the best for Goa i know"

Ward Vandepitte (Cronomi Records co-manager)

"I cannot recommend Colin enough. Being new to having material mastered he guided me through the whole journey of having my album done. The fact that there was a dialogue rather than just sending tracks off and getting them back was amazing! Giving me the chance to alter tracks I wasn't happy with (due to my premasters). His knowledge is as good as his end results. If you are looking for the final magic touch to be put on your tracks, then you have just found the man to do it."

Matthew Crick (aka Sephira)

"[Colin] knows his stuff inside & out, upside down, & sideways...." 

Michael Martin (aka Indidginus)

"Your master of our track was much better than Xxxx's version... like our original mix but enhanced, rather than just made as loud as possible" 

Felix Alexander (aka Neuroplasm)

"[The] mastering of the album is actually excellent, with a clear and crisp sound that feels very comfortable on the ears."

RTP reviewing Etnoscope - "Way Over Deadline" (Review here/FREE album download here)

"Thanxx for brilliant mastering on the Etnoscope Album...very good work, and its work like this that seperates the pros from the rest....big thxx... Have to tell you again, how exelent your mastering is on the Etnoscope album....i never thought that the Raz old Renoise tracks could sound so clean and neat as they do now, amazing work, and a inspiration to us all..!" 

Liam Dorff (Panzar Productions)

"Hey Colin, checked it out on a few decent sets of speakers today and i'm very happy with the job you've done! the low end and general mix is super tight!... you are certainly worth every penny and should i ever need mastering again i know exactly who to come to!... your mastering is the absolute tits!!" 

Will Railton (aka Bad Tango)

"Your mastering work is simply outstanding!! I absolutely love it. Thanks a lot for vastly improving the sound of these tracks." 

E.M. (private collector)

"Holy FUCK it sounds amazing!! Serious difference! Woohoo! One of my favourite tracks - so glad to have it in such good condition now...Love the work you did and will happily forward info about your services. No other comments - seriously amazing. I will be digging through my collection to see what needs some tweaking!" 

DJ Solitare (DAT Records label DJ)

"Colin has done a top job mastering the new Liquid Records techno EP, can highly recommend his work."

Tom Williams (aka Tom Lurk, Liquid Records label DJ)

"I have to agree with the testimonials - especially Steve Youngs, in particular "I can't believe how dynamic it is, whilst still being really loud and fat!" Exactly what I was thinking after a few of my own tracks recently received the Stooodio Mastering treatment."

James Morgan (aka OLMEC, Broken Records artist)

"One of my dearest and most helpful tutors in the whole world :)"

Patricio Tron (aka Tron, Spun Records/Liquid Records artist)

"I love what you did with my Bibbulmun album and will be back early next year with a new batch of muddy masters :-)"

Michael Shanahan (aka miXile)

"Working with the Stooodio has been a most gratifying and wonderful experience. This is top-notch production that is to be trusted by all audiophiles around. Colin Bennun has a truly unique ear for all sounds possible. He has gone the distance, covering my needs as an artist, as well as meeting the deadlines when necessary... Thank you for all your hard work, it has not gone unnoticed... I look forward to more in the future!"

Waater Maark (Triplag Records label DJ and CD compiler)

"Sounds awesome, Colin has done absolutely banging job :) So happy! ... Why are you such a bad man? You have actually made it sound too good! What the hell have you done!! ... I've been hating the production on that track, but somehow you have managed to redeem it!"

Richard Carrigan (aka Mouldy Soul, Broken Records/Colony Productions artist)