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Pop Up Player ButtonFeel free to listen to & download our DJ mixes. Tracklists for some mixes are available in the list below.

Rama - WobbleChops pt 2

Rama - Wobblechops pt 2

  1. Sublime – Santeria (Jpod remix) 
  2. The Muppit Show (Jpod remix) 
  3. Love and Light – The light We Bring 
  4. jOBOT – Crackle Tip 
  5. Love and Light – Slap And tickle 
  6. Fiord – Keen String (Opiuo remix) 
  7. Mouldy Soul -Insert more Awesomeness 
  8. jOBOT – Bottle of Bumpy 
  9. AMB – Big Buzz (Goosebumpz mix) 
  10. K Theory – Good and Gone 
  11. Mouldy Soul – IamTBT 
  12. Infected Mushroom – U R So Fucked (Opiuo remix)

      May 2012

Rama - WobbleChops

WobbleChops - Psychedelic WonkStomp

  1. Beardyman – Kitchen Diaries
  2. Ray Charles – Good Thyme (Opiuo mix)
  3. Galactic Booty Activation – Ninjas brothas motha
  4. Opiuo – Creamy Taco
  5. Bondi Junkie – GooseBumps
  6. Galactic Booty Activation – Lightning and Rain
  7. Opiuo – Forensic Lick
  8. Mr Bill – Chubby Bubby
  9. Govinda – Universal On Switch
  10. Slack Baba – Perverting Mankind
  11. The Mollusk – Coloured Pencils
  12. Opiouo – Moose tooth
  13. Opiuo – Slip (Vent mix)
  14. Galactic Booty Activation – Precious cargo
  15. Opiuo – Bogan Protein
  16. Galactic Booty Activation – Structural Liberation
  17. Ill Esha & Dewey B – H.A.A.R.P
  18. Spoonbill – Hejow
  19. Mr Bill – Perfectly Peppered

Release date: 11/11/11

Rama - Extravapants

Rama – Extravapants

  1. Spoonbill – Cocoon
  2. Red Nichols – Strike Up The Band (remix)
  3. Timmy + Jimmy Dorsey – Tangerine (remix)
  4. Bonobo – Between The Lines
  5. Wax Tailor – The Tune
  6. Spoonbill – Half a Lamington
  7. Spoonbill – Bag Bang Boogie
  8. Knotshore – Importance Of Rhythm
  9. Roisin Murphy – Rama a Lama
  10. Ed Solo – We Play The Music
  11. Quantic – Transatlantic
  12. Mr Scruff – Stockport Carnival
  13. Django – Minor Swing (remix)
  14. Mr Scruff  + Quantic – Donkey Ride
  15. Bonobo – Flutter
  16. Spoonbill – Arabian Nights
  17. Fink – Bristol Switch
  18. Backini - Knotshore

Rama - Squishy Phish

Rama - Squishy Phish

  1. Aerospace – Raggadun style
  2. Rama – Connected Aye Aye mash-up
  3. Flexitones – Roaring lion
  4. Cine mad in chaos – Mister chang
  5. King Brillo – Granpa was an alien
  6. Fort Knox five – Rastarollarink
  7. Knot shore – Ninja
  8. Knot shore – Enjoy yerself
  9. Overproof soundsystem – watch rizzla
  10. International Operator – London calling
  11. Ethnogenic – Aranyara (Abakus remix)
  12. Flexitones – latino Express
  13. Skeewif – Ruby’s revenge
  14. Flexitones – Drop of a dime
  15. Skeewif – man of Constant sorrow
  16. Bihan and Kamien  - Homelands
  17. Oood – Feel free


Rama - Tequila Mockingbird

Rama - Tequila Mockingbird

  1. Apollo 440 - Liquid cool(remix)
  2. Unknown sweet groova
  3. Sphongle - A new way to say hooray
  4. Unkown Infected Mushroom
  5. Cosmix - Tristan –The vision
  6. Sphongle - Dorset Perception(Total Eclipse mix)
  7. Elysium project - Dust
  8. Astralasia - Hashishin
  9. Leftfield - Africa Shox(Sub 6 mix)
  10. The Muses Rapt - Spiritual healing(remix)
  11. Oforia - Million miles away(Infected remix)
  12. Celtic Cross - Darshannon


Rama - Setting Star

Rama - Setting Star

  1. Ott - Rogue Bagel
  2. Greg Coyle na NIck Rye - Latin Satin
  3. Infected Munshroom - Ballerium
  4. Flexitones - Tequila sunrise
  5. Who opened the door to knowhere
  6. God within - Raincry
  7. Ott - Rolfcopter
  8. Lemon Slide - Bust a cap
  9. Ju Ju spac jazz - Viberooni
  10. Audibob - Moooopierz
  11. Naked Nick _ Sanayamo
  12. Manmademan - Airtime
  13. OOOD - Mantra 32000
  14. Sonify - Rub adub
  15. Lemon Slide - Salarakas
  16. Jaia - December

Rama - Chilled Baba

Rama - Chilled Baba

  1. Penumbra – unknown
  2. Unconscious collective – To C or not to C (Om Mani mix)
  3. Thicker than water track
  4. BJ Cole – Elle sait oừelle va
  5. Rồyskopp – Sparks
  6. Jimpster – Bad hair day
  7. Mescalito – Rambla 7
  8. Yazz – U (Dub for the dancefloor mix)
  9. Lambchop – Up with the people (Zero mix)
  10. Ramsey Lewis – Dear Prudence
  11. Velvet Underground – Sunday morning
  12. Leon Redbone – Relax
  13. Eva Cassidy – Time after time
  14. Bob Marley and the wailers – Selassie is the chapel
  15. Amba – Astral Projection
  16. Tim Love Lee – Go down Dixie
  17. Vangelis – Creation du monde

Rama - Faraway

Rama - Faraway

  1. Infected Mushroom - Elation Station
  2. Ott - Splitting An Atom
  3. Saikopod - Go Fly A Kite
  4. Sphongle - Behind Closed Eyelids
  5. Klangstrahler Project - Breath Of Time
  6. Unknown - Astral Cave
  7. Tripitaka - Monkey On A Cloud
  8. Ott - A Load-Up At Nunney Catch
  9. Unknown - Who Killed Franklin's Cat
  10. Infected Mushroom - Ballerium
  11. Indiginus - Dubliminal
  12. Unknown - Jesus Was A Mushroom
  13. Tristan - Sapphire Eyes

Rama - Jungle Jam

Rama - Jungle Jam

  1. Daheen –Jungle Juice
  2. Younger Brother –Sleepwalker
  3. 3rd Ear –Deep blue
  4. Shpongle –Shpongolese spoken here
  5. 3rd Ear –Final front ear
  6. Abakus –Deun Deu
  7. Eat Static –Pearls of wisdom
  8. Evan Marc –Active ingredient
  9. Indijika –Hanahau
  10. 3rd Ear –Sleeping giant
  11. Peaking Goddess Collective –Rollin
  12. Shpongle –I am you
  13. Master Margherita - Derbouka



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